Wondering what on Earth we are talking about? Never heard of the term before? Do not worry because this article will walk you down the lane to understand everything that is there to know about iTools for iPhone.

But if you are an Apple user, you definitely know about iTunes, right? For everyone who is really tired of using it in their devices, what is your next option for all those media features? Are you just going to give up on everything and even sell your iPhone and buy an Android device?

Using a device when it is too hard to handle could be one heck of a burden and do not think that we do not understand that.

But rest assured there is going to be a better option with iTools than you ever wished for. Let me put it this way. There is absolutely nothing to worry about it anymore. The answer to all those problems you had with it is finally here!

This is the complete guide for you to learn and start using this amazing application today!

  • Windows
  • Mac

What is iTools download?

This is an application that works as a substitute (a much better one) for the official iTunes that comes in the iDevices. The official one is available in all of the apple devices and works as a multimedia platform. Well, this new substitute works in the very same way and supports all the devices that are supported by the official system. iTools supports everything that you got to do with the official package.

iTools was developed to support the management and sort the files in the apple devices through your computers.

The newest version of the iTools 4 for the year 2019 is up and about now and is being used by many as well. There are no restrictions and no requirements other than your operating system being compatible to run this. It is completely free and is very much easy to use.

Why should you use iTools?

Well, some of you may get this question and it is completely okay to get it as well. Why should you really be using an alternative like iTools instead of the official version? What does it have over the original one? What makes iTools any better?


The answer here is very simple. But let me ask a question first.


If you are an apple user then you probably have used their embedded multimedia platform, right?


Were you happy with it? Was it any easy to use? Did the system put your ease in the top of their priorities?


Did apple ever do that? Keeping the user friendliness over their advanced scripts? No need to answer that but anyone who has used iTunes even once in their life know how hard it is to manage it.


iTools free platform stands on the top of the list for its user friendliness. It has been developed by considering the user as a top priority rather than giving their software systems the major position. There are other features that are provided by this system as well and those shall be discussed later in this article.


In a later section we shall be talking about the iTools features which are some amazing features that you really have to know!


How does iTools work?

As was mentioned above, iTools is a system that was developed to support the managing of all the apple devices through your PC. This has been greatly motivated with the unavailability of the user friendliness or the capability to upload, download or manage files within the original iTunes. Though it was a security measure, many users find it pretty irritating that their songs and other multimedia stuff cannot be easily used by them.


iTools is more than just easy to use. It provides the fastest uploading and downloading of files to and from your device. This is the best application that you should be using when shifting your songs or movies collection from or to your mobile. To use iTools you have to first download it on a computer. The initial versions supported only MacBook but the latest ones are dedicated to Windows as well, Yei!


The Functionality of iTools is pretty simple. Once you download it on to the computer it automatically recognizes the nearby apple devices. Hence you can connect your device with the iTools application and start sharing files with ease!


What are the iTools features?

iTools is developed with so many amazing features to help users get the feeling of a complete operating system management. It is dedicated to provide you the best user experience ever and all the features of iTools definitely satisfies the users in the best way it can.


Without further rumbling let us introduce you all the best things that you get with iTools 4:

  1. It is completely free and is not just limited with iTools 4. You can get it from the internet and install it directly in your PC.

  2. It also allows you to completely backup with their iTools backup and restore feature

  3. iTools AirPlayer allows you to connect your device with other systems. Hence with this you can share the iPhone screen of your device with others as well. The connection occurs through your iTools application installed on the computer. With the AirPlayer for Windows option, you get the opportunity to share the windows screen with other connected devices as well. AirPlayer download is the best option that you get with the latest version in iTools.

  4. iTools special battery master program offers you with the ability to checkout the battery life of your device. You just not get the battery life details; you get everything that is related to the health of the battery with fully charged cycles, battery health, design capacity, current voltage and etc.

  5. Transferring the information from one device to the other is made completely simple with the iTools data transfer features.

  6. Bored being stuck with the same phone ringtone? Customise your ringtones with whatever you like using the iTools ringtone maker.
  7. The tool that manages all your files in the operating system. iTools file manager. You can edit, run, cut, copy, paste and so every other thing with regard to the files very easily.

  8. iTools icon arranger provides you with the ability to maintain the icons in your iDevice with ease.

  9. The iTools image tool is the one that provides you with the ability to preview images with original resolution in your device as well as to share the images between devices.


iTools features everything that is really required by a user to have a proper experience with his device. With this application you will definitely be able to love your phone for the extremely high price you paid.


How to get iTools download?


If you consider all those amazing iTools features that has been mentioned above, they definitely are a part of an attempt taken to make your life easy. Just like that, the downloading of the system is also pretty easy.


You have to initially prepare your personal computer. Then once installed in your computer connect your device to the phone with a cable and wait until it automatically detects your device! When connected; you get the chance to work with it as much as you like.


Must know pros of iTools

The features and the working manner and almost everything regarding iTools have been discussed. But the following are the main reasons that you should get it started in your iDevice as well.


A few final words about iTools;
the best tools kit you ever need


iTools definitely offers you with everything that you require when it comes to managing your iPhone operating system. It is an absolutely worthy decision when it comes to using the phone and its multimedia features.


The features that have been mentioned above are the latest ones offered to you from the latest update in iTools, but you should definitely keep in mind they give timely updates and hence always strives to offer you the best features and experience ever! Also keep in mind that iTools is out of way from the normal systems. The system is good, usable, and pretty amazing as well! So, leave all those second thoughts and get started with the iTools free today!