iTools iPhone 6s

Here we are again to direct you with iTools iPhone 6s, as it is the latest iDevice of users. While you are unsing the iPhone 6s as the brand new updated iPhone od Apple, you can more with that than you know. iTools can support you for that as being your manager of all media you prefer. As the alternative app of iTunes, iTools download has become the famous app even there are number of similar apps. Users of iTools are increasing day by day because it too change the appearance to make users genuine with them with its greatest user-friendly manner than any other media manager. So it is the way that iTools can support you too as iTools iPhone 6s. So just feel the great combination of iTools and iPhone 6s with all its features.

iTools iPhone 6s

iTools for iPhone 6s

You must know, that the iTools download is a app that has to download on a  PC and it just support the iPhone as a dealer whenever you need. Therefore, iTools is not an app that support the device without knowing its operating system. This means, to make iTools a compatible app, your device must run a compatible iOS version. Therefore, as the iPhone 6s can only run iOS 9 and upper you must make sure that it is a supporting version of iTools. So the best this is, iTools iPhone 6s is now available with its latest updated. You can transfer and share your media preferences with iTools iPhone 6s.

iTools all versions download

iTools v3.2.1.3 for iPhone 6s

As the latest update, iTools is the supporting version for iPhone 6s on your PC. This was added on 16th of November 2015. The change log is ass follow.

  • Improved the accomplishment rate.
  • Fixed the issue that occurred with the failure of moving phone and all that have with the iTools download.
  • And the tolerance of the i9Tools too appears now as a improved section.

 By the way, if you are a usual reader of our site Free iTools download, we have cited all features of iTools which you can gain the support with. Such as Data migrate, battery master and so on. Therefore, just meet the only alternative app as iTools iPhone 6s, that perform for you to gain the best than even the original iTunes.

iTools iOS 9.1

As Apple released their iOS 9.1 after two mid versions between prime iOS 9 releases all are looking what they can use on their devices. iTools iOS 9.1 is available for all users of iOS 9.1 as it does not allow your device to be jailbroken or not. This means you can simply use the install iTools iOS 9.1 on your PC even without jailbreak the device. You must know that iTools cannot install on a device as it has to use on a PC. we call this as iTools iOS 9.1 because of its compatibility of iOS 9.1. Anyhow, surely it is great for you to know as iTools iOS 9.1 is now compatible with your devices. Therefore, we warmly welcome you to manage all your media with the best media manager iTools download.

iTools iOS 9.1

iTools for iOS 9.1

If you were there with our previous articles, we mentioned for you all new features that iTools iOS 9.1 bringing you. The best thing is that iTools too updated with the release of iOS 9 as its latest version 3.0. Therefore, iTools now comes with its new appearance of the version 3.0 and you can install this to do all you need with your media preferences. As I mentioned before, even still iOS 9.1 cannot jailbreak with any jailbreak tool, those jailbreak interested users too can transfer and do whatever they need through iTools iOS 9.1. It is great as this is the best alternative of iTunes. And also even iTunes is the reason of the origin of iTools, this has become the best because of its user-friendly manner.

Updates of iTools v3.0

  • Data Migrate

This is the feature that supports your iOS 9.1 device to migrate data.

  • Fast optimization

Your data will be safe than ever because of this. And you can find out rare apps that you too will need easily.

  • Wireless Management

No need to explain about this as you are able to use iTools without s cable.

As this is only a brief instruction of its latest update you can refer our previous articles to get to know more about iTools iOS 9.1.

Anyhow the new interface of iTools will make you easier than ever. All these are just with iTools which always be there as your manager of media preferences. Surely at this time iTools v3.0 will solve all your troubles with iTunes and will fulfill what exactly you need perfectly.

iTools iOS 9.0.2

If you are using for iOS 9.0.2 device, this will be useful for you. You can get to know all about iTools iOS 9.0.2 from here. If you are first to iTools download, it is the most famous and the best alternative app which can fulfill all your commands without iTunes.iTunes iOS 9.0.2

Therefore, most say that the iTools download is the best solution that was born for iTunes for users around the world. Because there are many apps like iTunes but none of those can perform excessively iTools. Also, this has become popular because of its user-friendly manner even than the original iTunes of Apple. If you are using an iDevice, we don’t need to explain it further as you must already experience it. Anyhow, as you are interesting to know about iTools iOS 9.0.2, following will be lead you for all about iTools download iOS 9.0.2.

iTools download for iOS 9

As we former informed you, that the iTools download iOS 9 has already reach the possibility of iTools iOS 9.0.2. If you go through with our previous article, iTools iOS 9.1 details are there for you to read and get an idea of that. There are several new iTools features for you to use after installed on your PC. With iTools you don’t need to care about your platform even it is Windows or Mac. Because iTools can installed for any PC of Windows and Mac. When you installed iTools on your PC, you can use it for whatever you like. Even you are difficult to do with iTunes, iTools with easily serve you what exactly you need.

iTools for iOS 9.0.2

If you worry that you are unable to use iTools on your device as it is not a jailbroken device, just leave all those as iTools iOS 9.0.2 doesn’t need to be a jailbroken device. Therefore, iTools iOS 9.0.2 is a great opportunity for all users around the world as it does not ask the jailbreak permission for devices to perform. Anyhow, now you are able to manage all released iOS releases with iTools as even the latest iOS 9.1 too can use iTools. But as most users are still using iOS 9.0.2, iTools iOS 9.0.2 has become the famous one among iOS users.

Copy and move your music, photos and all files that make you please just with iTools iOS 9.0.2.


iTools iOS 9.1

iTools is a tool to manage your idevice and it is very similar way to iTunes. iTools helps you to upload and download photos, videos and music from your iDevice and computer easily. It will be the simply management for your files, apps, photos, music and video and lets to transfer various kind of files from iDevice to PC. iTools iOS 9.1 new version of 3.0 is currently available for free download and it supports all series of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iTools iOS 9.1 much easier than iTunes and included a few new and interesting options than iFunbox.  Actually, it is the perfect alternative to iTunes.

If you wish to download iTools iOS 9.1, here is the short instruction about iTools iOS 9.1. To start to use the program, you should first connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your PC. Once connected, you can manage all the content easily. iTools iOS 9.1 supports phone data migrating between iOS devices and clear customized caches and rubbish and make data safe. It will release your device space hunting rarely used apps.

download itools 9.1

iTools iOS 9.1 – Awesome Feature for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Data Migrate

iTools is supporting migrate data between iOS device formally mentioned. Simply open the iTools (PC) and find the “Data Migrate” in the toolbox and then connect the original and target device. Choose contents which you need and then start to migrating.

Battery Master

iTools will offer the dashboard of your device battery and all details you need to keep your device and battery healthy. You can check battery charge record and battery inspection report with actual capacity, design capacity, boot voltage, battery  manufacturers, battery serial number and more.

Ringtone Maker

You can simply make ringtones as your choice. Open the “Ringtone Maker” in the toolbox and select “Select device music” or “Select local music”. After choose the type that you want to set ringtones, SMS tones or call ringtones. Then clip your favorite clips. Now save to PC. Then use iTools to import those ringtones into your iPhones or otherwise you can directly save to the phone.

Portable Disk

Simply makes your apple phone to be the portable disk, cut off the U disk.

Super Backup with iTuens

Click the “Super backup” in the tool box after connected your idevice to PC and open the iTools 3.0 new one. Next you will find some basic information about your device. Click next. If scan completed, select the contents which you need to be backup and start.

Real-time Desktop

Take your idevice desktop into computer desktop.

File Explorer

Using File management, you can view file system of the device and system directory to take any information about your idevice.

Crash log

Simply you can find out the problems and crash log here as soon as possible.

Super Restore with iTools

Connect your idevice to PC and open the iTools iOS 9.1 and click the “Super Restore” in the toolbox. If you saw some basic information about your idevice click next. Choose contents to restore and click next until the restoration completed.

Fast Optimization

You can get fast optimization for your idevice. No need to worry for slow respond and mountain of rubbish. Fast optimization allows to clean caches and disk space.

Flush Wizard

Taste the newest version of the system using the flush wizard.

Firmware Download

iTools iOS 9.1 will recognize your idevice automatically and download the new firmware without your learning.

Desktop Management

Drag bulk apps at one time by mouse using Desktop Management. Simple!

iTools for iOS 9 is about to release

Free download iTools 2015 latest version for iOS 9 running iPhone 6s and below devices will be available soon. The new iTools iOS 9 will be packed with more features and enhancements than any other previous version ever. iTools is undoubtedly the best smartphone manager for Apple devices. It doesn’t even requires an installation for run but brings you tons of features and options to handle your device through the PC.

iTools iOS 9

iTools iOS 9 features

1. Manage Media Files

  • Compatible with Music files, Video files, Ringtones, Podcasts, iTunes U, TV Shows, Audio books, Music Video & files and Voice memos.
  • Transfewr media files between PC & device.
  • Convert mp3 to m4r when drag and drop into Ringtone.
  • Convert video files to mp4 on drag and drop into Videos.
  • Search for lyrics & covers on internet..
  • Supports mp3 files on device.
  • Compatible for iBooks. Import and export PDF & Epub.

2. Manage Photos and Albums.

3. Manages docking & desktop by mouse. a. Smart classify supports automatic classify icons into folders named by system category. b. Docking & desktop Folders and positions backup and restore.

4. Filesystem managmenets. a. plist file editor. b. Favorite. c. Cydia & installous. d. Storage.

5. Personal Information Managment (Contacts, Message, Notes, Safari bookmarks, Call history) a. Imports & exports into csv/outlook. b. Personal inforbackup & restore.

6. System Tools:

  • SSH Tunnel tool.
  • Clean up tool.
  • System logs.

iTools 2015 compatible devices

  • iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S plus, iPhone 6 and below versions
  • iPad mini, air, mini 2, air 3, 2, 3, 4
  • iPod touch 5g

iTools iOS 9 requires to be installed the latest iTunes on your PC. Otherwise iTools will not work properly. iTools for iOS 9 is completely free download on our website and works on both Windows and MAC. We will update this post as soon as it will released for the public. You are welcome to bookmark this page for get frequent updates.

itools iPhone 6s

iTools download for iPhone 6S

iTools iPhone 6S will be available along with iTools for iOS 9. It can use to manage the data of your device. If you have paid much attention to Apple’s news, surely you know that Apple is going to release a new iPhone as iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus. After spreading that news, most of the people were talked about that because of the new design of it and the cool features of it.  After 25th of September, you can own an iPhone 6 s to get its latest cool features.itools iPhone 6s

When you buy this new iDevice definitely you will need to manage, backup or sync the data of it. iTools iPhone 6s will be the most matching way to manage the data of latest device more than  iTunes. News device- a new tool to manage device will good. But there are no any official details about the compatibility of iTools iPhone 6s. If iOS 8.4 will able to download for iPhone 6s, may be you can download iTools for iPhone 6s because currently iTools are supports with iOS 8.4 but not with iOS 8.4.1.

How to  download iTools 

 iTools is available on Apples official website and the path of download iTools is very simple. It is almost freeware and green tool. Here is a video tutorial about – How to download iTools on PC.

Q&A for iTools download

  • What are the Reasons to use iTools iPhone 6s?
  1. If can use iTools for upcoming iPhone 6s you can,
  2. Can add media files like video, books, music, TV shows for your Ios device
  3. Capability of sync
  4. Able to import and export data among iOS device and PC
  5. Can create ringtones for your iOS device using tones which available on your PC
  6. As iTunes, iTools also can use to make backup and restore the device and to install and uninstall the applications which available in your iOS device
  • Is there having only one iTool version for all iOS device?

No, there have few iTools version but these days popular version is iTools 2015

  • Are there having any special requirements to download iTools on PC?

No any special requirements but you need good internet connection for your PC and need a USB cable to connect device and PC

  • What will the version which Compatible with iPhone 6s?

Sorry, Still no any details about iTools iPhone 6s but we always ready to give the latest details about it when possible

Waiting for iTools iOS 9

Guangdong is about to release iTools iOS 9.

As Apple revealed at “Hey Siri” event iOS 9 gold master versions was set to release in 16th of September, it means today.  So we can expect iOS 9 within this upcoming 24 hours. iOS 9 created a list of new features. When iOS 9 come to your iDevice definitely you will need a file manager and transfer utilities for your device. For that now have an online service from Apple as iTools for alternative iTunes and iFunbox. It is easy to use than iTunes .But still Apple has not confirmed that possibility of working iTools iOS 9. The latest iOS 8.4.1 also not support with iTools download.

itools ios 9

How to use iTools iOS 9?

As I told still cannot use iTools  iOS 9 but here is the way, how to use iTools for below iOS 8.4 versions. Currently iTools supports with iOS 8.4 to manage the mobile data. To use iTools, you must need a desktop as used iTunes.

  • Attach iPhone with your desktop using a USB cable
  • Then search for iTools and download it for your desktop
  • Unzip the zip file of iTools – ex: with WinRar
  • To launch the application click twice on the exe file
  • Then click on the file which you need to transfer in the left column

Video about how to download iTools for PC

With using iTools:  When consider the features of iTools , it allow  you to simply manage media such as photos, videos, ringing tones, TV shows, voice memos, Podcast, iTunes U, iBook and also other files of your iPhone. With using iTools, you can export or import above following media files from desktop to your iPhone.  iTools download can use to backup and restore iPhone, iPad and to install and uninstall apps of your device as you used iTunes for those duties. No matter if your iPhone is jailbreak or un-jailbreak because iTools is working both of them.


Special features – ringtone maker: this is a special feature by iTools. It can use to create a ringtone with using the music of your PC as your favor to load for your iPhone. This is an awesome feature, I’m sue you will more interest with this feature. If iTools iOS 9 will able, you can use this awesome feature to your iOS 9 device too.

I think iTools download is being a little change for Apple users to manage their devices.