iTools Download on Mac and Windows

Are you tired of trying iTunes for your iOS management? Then what are your plans after giving up iTunes? This is the complete guide to iTools Download that supports through Mac and Windows. If you like to be a part of the story, here we go directing you to the right path. This is a free and 100% user supportive.

iTools Download

If you have been in touch with all the updates so far, you must already know what the use of iTools is above the iTunes that comes officially by Apple. In fact, the purpose of iTools is giving all iOS users the complete requirement of iOS management promising all that iTunes is capable. It is true that iTools is not exactly like iTunes. But there are many features and functions to appreciate over the iTunes. The true fact here is iTools prioritizes the user ease when iTunes happen to proceed through its advanced scripts. So comparatively, iTunes is more complicated to the average user while this best alternative program fits on all hands very successfully. If you take a look at the user reviews so far, you must realize how successfully it rules the iOS user by giving the highest compatibility for all firmware and devices so far updated.

How to get through iTools Download?

Just as the work interface, downloading this amazing program on the desktop is very easy. So first thing to do is having your Windows PC or Mac prepared to proceed through download. And then, the program needs to be installed on the desktop to continue through. After you have successfully installed, you need to connect the respective device through a proper Cable. Then wait for the program to detect the connected device and start working with different categories and functions. You can have the best iTools Features for backups, restores, file management, desktop management, battery manager, Airplayer, data migration and much more. In fact, it is home to every essential iOS management feature making you feel like having iTunes. So with this, you have the biggest benefit while taking all with no complications. Then why wait to iTools Download?

iTools iOS 10

Every program has both good and bad at some points. But with considered iTools, we have nothing to report rather than its little lag in performing some features. And in the coming iTools versions, we expect some more updates supporting more users and devices. So stay tuned for the best iOS experience.



Get Ready for iTools iOS 12.1.1-New Chapter

As one of the most useful programs for iOS users, iTools receives time to time updates in targeting better program experience. In focusing the software update iOS 12.1.1 now Apple is focusing on, it is the time to publish on iTools iOS 12.1.1. So if you aren’t ready yet, this is the time for the turn to the best iOS management experience. Let us here find out why and how to set up the things properly.

iTools iOS 12.1.1

Download iTools iOS 12.1.1

iTools receives updates with respect to the firmware updates. So it is now getting ready for iTools iOS 12.1.1 in targeting the firmware to come following iOS 12.1 now signing. This is again a tool version under iTools 4 latest major chapter with the best and stable functioning frame. And once you get the update of iOS 12.1.1 with its features and under the hood improvements, you wil be able to get the iTools version here promised.

iTools 4 Features

  • iTools Airplayer for the complete desktop handling including the screen sharing experience. This is important to have for a vast screen experience
  • Super Data migration to get benefited in a moment you decide to move to a new device from the one older
  • Files explorer to take the complete files management with the right location, organizing, saving, editing and also removing
  • Battery Master feature to stay updated to the battery status. This will give you the timely updates on battery status, actual capacity, charging cycle, SN value, temperature and etc
  • Icon arranger to rearrange device icons properly. It allows to set the location, add or even to remove icons safely
  • Image tool coming with iTools allows to share images quicker and more effectively. Through this you can preview images in the original resolution and also with the advanced editing support
  • Support for the complete backup and safe restoring
  • Exclusive features like Ringtone Maker in order to set your own audio clips or tracks as the original ringtone in your iOS

Like these, iTools features what is really required. So it is promising on the complete iOS management from file transferring, backups to the best customization features.

Above the Apple’s own iTunes, iTools here features some of the important improvements. And all above, this is a very useful program covers up the complete requirement of iOS management. Then, it is the time to get away all complications through Apple’s own iTunes and turn in a better and easier frame for the same level of success.

Why iTools 2018 Download over iTunes?

Although you can do a lot of things on your iOS device, still there are several things you cannot management all alone on the device. So that is where you should turn in the Apple’s iTunes for the complete management of your iOS device. But what if you do not feel like comfortable there? It is the turn to iTools 2018 Download above the Apple’s official iTunes. So learn here about why should you do so in a comprehensive way.

itools 2018 download

Apple now signs iOS 12.1 through all the 64-bit iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices offering some of the best features and improvements to the iOS experience. So if you are planning to experience the best of iOS, you must be now on iOS 12.1 either over the air or through iTunes. And with no worries, iTools update for iOS 12.1 is also available now serving the best of iOS management features. So why wat to grab iTools iOS 12.1?

Why iTools 2018 Download above iTunes?

In considering the reason why should anyone take iTools, we should mention the factor where iTunes fails. In fact, iTunes and iTools both come for the same purpose in the aim of complete management for iPhone, iPad and iPod device running on different iOS firmware. With a look, anyone would wonder why iTunes fails as it is the official program by Apple itself. But it is as iTunes happens to maintain its standards even at certain areas the user feels complicated. So there, iTools is the best alternative arises here from which user ease is prioritized with anything you do. In fact, iTools comes inspired of iTunes features but in a simpler and supporting frame. So anyone can easily try out any iTools features and functions without any complications. This makes iTools stand over iTunes by now promising more and more interesting features and updates. So in case if you had this bad expetience in the time you tried sharing files, managing files, battery or whatever, it is the right time to turn in the iTools 2018 way to get everything in an easier base.

Final Words

Choosing iTools 2018 Download for your requirement of iOS management is a worth decision from which you can get into the correct path. You can take easier backups, best files management, faster data migration and many more also with iTools exclusive features like Ringtone maker from iTools. So leave all the complications and get with iTool free.


iTools iOS 12.1 Download

Guide to iTools iOS 12.1 Download and Install

As the best free alternative to Apple’s own iTunes, iTools comes for all iOS users. The tool involves the best management support with an amazing package of features and functions. And with the update latest, we now have iTools iOS 12.1 Download rights in order to keep the best management support for all iOS 12.1-installed iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. So read about the update and learn its true uses and updates.

iTools iOS 12.1 Download

About iOS 12.1 in brief

iOS 12.1 is the latest signing firmware for all 64-bit devices bundling interesting features. Through a long testing cycle, iOS 12.1 has come into the public rights as the first major update following iOS 12. And it brings the most awaited updates to FaceTime, new Emojis and more to make your operating system run more fun. So have it over the air or through iTunes. And turn in the iTools way to get with its complete management requirement. You will now find iTools iOS 12.1 under the major iTools 4 version supporting for the best iOS management.

Get iTools iOS 12.1 Download for Free

The significance of iTools is its support for all firmware in the same way. so you can now have iTools iOS 12.1 in targeting all the devices installed the latest iOS 12.1 firmware. You can grab the update for completely free and start making your iOs perfectly managed. It supports faster backups, safe restores, complete files management, best battery management, icon arranger to rearrange device icons, image tool and with more including customization features like Ringtone Maker. you can have all these exclusively from iTools latest for free.

How to Download and Install iTools?

iTools is a desktop program which you need to have installed on either Windows or Mac to take all the advantages over the smart device. So the first thing to do is Download iTools with checked the latest possible update. Take it free on either Windows PC or Mac and connect the device through a proper cable. Leave the program for a few seconds to get connected with the device. And then launch iTools and start with whatever the function required from each category. This is extremely simple with iTools iOS 12.1 Download and will result in more than iTunes by Apple.

Are you tired of iTunes complications and now looking for the best alternative? This is iTools free Download for it to have the whole iOS management in a very comfortable frame. So take a try and leave your sincere comments about the experience had.


best iTools features

Best iTools Features to Hands on

iTools is the most convenient ioS management tool as the best alternative to Apple’s own iTunes. Having this amazing free utility, you can enjoy the complete management with the most required features and functions. So knowing you are so eager on getting the true facts, we here bringing to you the Best iTools Features you will love to have on your experience. So read on and get the comprehensive guidelines.

best iTools features

Best iTools Features to Enjoy

The latest iTools 4 brings the best features and functions to the user making it the most suitable tool version for all the device variants and firmware. To make you closer with the program and making you easier to decide why you should Download iTools, here we are bringing you the features one by one.

iTools Airplayer- this is important to have as this makes the best support for vast screen experience. Through this helpful feature, you can even share your screen experience with the others so easily

iTools battery Master- battery is one of the main things you should keep your eye on to maintain the health of your iDevice. So with this feature, you can take a closer look at the battery having the real updates to SN value, temperature, charging cycle, real capacity and more

Data migration- this is very useful if you are switching to a newer device from the old one. Through this, you can safely migrate all data to the new device in the fastest way

Backup and restore- iTools owns a very effective backup support including the application backups. And also it has the safest restoring facility to get everything safely after backup

Image Tool- this supports sharing images between desktop and mobile in the best way. Also, it allows to preview the images in the original resolution at the same time with advanced editing support. And you can also this feature to move images, delete folders, locate image files and more

Files manager- files management is one of the very important features coming with iTunes and also now in iTools. through this, you can properly arrange the files system and have all file management properly

Ringtone maker- customization is also another aspect highlights in the iTools work frame. With this exclusive feature, you are allowed to set your own audio tracks as the original ringtone and enjoy ringing

Like these, there are more options coming with the iTools making space for easier iOS management. So hope you had a great time with the Best iTools Features. Stay tuned for more.



iTools 2019

iTools 2019- The Next Big Chapter

If you like to keep your iOS device updated with time, you must also know about the importance of having a proper iOS management software to keep up your iOS run smoother. So knowing how eager you are to grab the next version, here we are writing to you with the update note of iTools 2019. If you are planning to have the best management experience throughout the coming year, here is our support through iTools.

iTools 2019

As of this writing, iOS 12.1 signs through all 64-bit devices while iOS 12.1.1 is still under testing. So if you are on iOS 12.1 and looking for the best iTunes alternative to give all rights of management, here you can have iTools 12 the latest. It is updated under the major iTools 4 and will be serving with the best set of features and functions.

iTools Download through Windows and Mac

Just like iTunes, the program by Apple official, iTools also runs through the desktop. And thankfully, it is compatible through both Windows and Mac. But there is no solution to Download iTools in a mobile version which is free of PC involvements. In fact, this is truly a desktop supported program you can download and run for free.

Ready to welcome iTools 2019

With every operating system update Apple adds something new to the taste. So with respect to that, iTools also gets updated to serve best to the user. In that way, we could expect a lot of things and improvements with the upcoming iTools 2019 update. Just as to the progress so far, it seems the developers are having a major plan for bringing more improvements through this useful update. And this is the call to stay tuned to get with many more interesting features and functions above iTunes.

iTools Features to Highlight

Thanks to the constant updates by the team of the talented developers behind iTools, the program gets included with the most required features and functions. In fact, it is now supporting basic features like backup and restore at the same time offering exclusive customization opportunities. So having iTools, you can make your system files properly arranged, have the best themes and enjoy many more like never before through iTunes. And most notably, all these come for free and could be expected to be launched in an even more enhanced frame when iTools 2019 comes. So leave the complicated iTunes and turn in the iTools easier frame to have tireless iOS management experience.


iTools 4 free download

iTools 4 Free Download- Updates

iTools for iOS is a never breaking connection from which all the iOS users are getting the best management functions. The program is now in an improved frame through the iTools 4 Free Download as the most recent updated version. And by now, it records the highest firmware and device compatibility for all the updates so far. If you are in a plan of getting into iTools, we recommend version 4 with its promising success. To learn more, get here through the latest note.

iTools 4 free download

Why iTools Download over iTunes?

The reason for iTools download is backed for many reasons. First and foremost, the user interface of iTools is extremely easy to handle, unlike iTunes that prioritizes the advanced user. So anyone on any iOS version can easily turn in an iTools way just like you open the Apple’s official iTunes on the PC. It is coming in that familiarity but with some more additional benefits.

At a glance, you will note iTools with the same look to the iTunes. But when comes to the performance, this is very easy to hands-onĀ as this gives more priority to the user support unlike iTunes by Apple its own. And further, everything in the user interface is very nice to watch and well categorized. So if one required iOS management, the thing to do is make the proper connections and start with the play. You will find all the iTools features separately in the work frame allowing you to easily handle.

iTools 4 Free Download

iTools 4 is the latest tool version under this amazing program which comes with the most developed and useful features. Just as always, you can Download iTools 4 latest for completely free. And it will be running through Windows PC and Mac just as all the version so far. So giving thanks to the iTools developers, start your iOS management journey with best iTools latest version 4.

Guide to Download iTools

iTools runs through desktop supporting both Windows and Mac. So you need to download the program on the desktop in order to make it proceed for your iPhone, iPad and iPod. And thanks to the latest update, iTools is now supporting the latest iOS 12 firmware for faster backups, safe restores, better files administrations and etc. So take your turn for free and enjoy the complete management rights easily. This is extremely easy to handle if you once have worried about iTunes complications. So get with iTools and enjoy your management experience.