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As Apple released their iOS 9.1 after two mid versions between prime iOS 9 releases all are looking what they can use on their devices. iTools iOS 9.1 is available for all users of iOS 9.1 as it does not allow your device to be jailbroken or not. This means you can simply use the install iTools iOS 9.1 on your PC even without jailbreak the device. You must know that iTools cannot install on a device as it has to use on a PC. we call this as iTools iOS 9.1 because of its compatibility of iOS 9.1. Anyhow, surely it is great for you to know as iTools iOS 9.1 is now compatible with your devices. Therefore, we warmly welcome you to manage all your media with the best media manager iTools download.

iTools iOS 9.1

iTools for iOS 9.1

If you were there with our previous articles, we mentioned for you all new features that iTools iOS 9.1 bringing you. The best thing is that iTools too updated with the release of iOS 9 as its latest version 3.0. Therefore, iTools now comes with its new appearance of the version 3.0 and you can install this to do all you need with your media preferences. As I mentioned before, even still iOS 9.1 cannot jailbreak with any jailbreak tool, those jailbreak interested users too can transfer and do whatever they need through iTools iOS 9.1. It is great as this is the best alternative of iTunes. And also even iTunes is the reason of the origin of iTools, this has become the best because of its user-friendly manner.

Updates of iTools v3.0

  • Data Migrate

This is the feature that supports your iOS 9.1 device to migrate data.

  • Fast optimization

Your data will be safe than ever because of this. And you can find out rare apps that you too will need easily.

  • Wireless Management

No need to explain about this as you are able to use iTools without s cable.

As this is only a brief instruction of its latest update you can refer our previous articles to get to know more about iTools iOS 9.1.

Anyhow the new interface of iTools will make you easier than ever. All these are just with iTools which always be there as your manager of media preferences. Surely at this time iTools v3.0 will solve all your troubles with iTunes and will fulfill what exactly you need perfectly.