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Reborn with iTools download as the best competitor of typical iTunes of Apple. It is the time to purchase a new media manager with more effectiveness.

While moving to iOS 9.3.2, we know that users are interesting of knowing advanced functionalities to make easier of using an iDevice. So the one we brought you today is about iTools iOS 9.3.2. This iOS version is the immediately prior of iOS 9, which was updated twice before concluded the version. So iTools too is already planned with its operations to move on both Windows and Macintosh.


iTools as a competitor of iTunes

iTools is a result of making users smooth of all functions of iTunes. There is nothing to analyze of iTunes for Apple users. Even there are many other options for iTunes download, the reason we always recommend you iTools install is, its behavior is standard nearly iTunes than any other.

Also, some features you cannot see from iTunes are available with iTools for PC. So download this amazing tool on your computer for your iOS 9.3.2 management and enjoy all its Special arrangements which always follow iTunes.

Managing options of the tool

  • Over one million resources to connect at once
  • Wallpaper downloading
  • Comic books
  • Movies and videos
  • Managing SHSH
  • Collecting backup
  • As a Mobile Hard disk
  • Ringtone producer

iTools download for PC

While install iTools download currently working on its major version 3.0, classic version has been updated this year with the support of iOS 9 photos view and the system of exporting. It is the version With its enhancements of possibilities, now it can use even for Android devices as well. Function movements between iOS and Android  are easier with iTools.

How to go through the download process?

Use the download guide we suggest you here.

For iOS devices as an alternative of iTunes

  • Working as a dual platform manager, while supporting iOS
  • Do the exchanges between iOS and Android
  • Text, audio, entire records, complete backup and supporting micro-channel
  • Secure your data and all you stored
  • Managing junk files, reporting unused apps and optimize the space
  • Connect without the data line using new feature

However, we hope iTools will expand for the version iOS 9.3.3 when it will in the air as another major out. Remain with us for these reports too shortly. And our expect is to make you known about some new features that users would like to use with iTools will become true with future releases.