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iTools for latest iOS 9.3.5

Are you already familiar with the iTunes? Yes I know you may be knowledgeable about the iTunes. Then there is a good alternative solution for iTunes called as i Tools. iTools is simple and it has the ability to manage your iPhone, iPad or iPod. iTools is incorporates the main features of the iTools and the style is similar. iTools is support iBook and it allow you to manage your media library and sync photos, music and videos. Not only that with the use of iTools you can have the access to the whole file system of your device from the PC. So be hurry, try to Download iTools iOS 9.3.5 for iOS 9.3.5 updated device now.


iTools all versions download

iTools for iDevices

Itools is free software which can be used with the windows or mac computer. This tool is now available for the Apples latest update iOS 9.3.5. This is an alternative solution for iTunes. Once you install iTools, you can you have the ability to check for the availability of updates of apps, you can uninstall or backup your device applications. With the use of iTools you have the ability to manage and edit all the content of your notes, message, contacts, call history and the calendar.

iTools for iOS 9.3.5

On last week apple has suddenly release their another update for iOS 9 numbered as iOS 9.3.5 and the update is release after few days of the update iOS 9.3.4. And now iTools for iOs 9.3.5 is available with so many iDevices. 

  •  iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 plus, 6S, 6S plus, and 6E.
  •  iPod touch
  •  iPad mini-1, 2, 3, air-2, 3, 4.

iTools iOs 9.3.5 can be download for mac or Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. And you are able to get it with Chinese or English. Both you can get free with its associated features like fascinating wallpaper, SHSH organization, video and so. Now with the iTools iOS 9.3.5 you can actually enjoy the simple way of media recording, exchange the reports, pictures and modify the other components. iTools for the iOS 9.3.5 IPSW for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is

  •   Offers go down for the gadgets
  •  Enhancing the establishment of big business signature applications
  • Commit as a ring tone creator
  •  Fine with the firmware down loader
  •  Clinch desktop consort highlights
  •  Work as battery saver moreover repair applications
  •  Airplay checking consort highlights
  • Stabilize the application establishments that fizzled

Features of iTools 9.3.5

As an alternative use of the iTunes you can use the iTools. Here with the use of iTools users are able to Backup data and applications, Manage Contacts and media files. And with the iTools users are able to customize the wall paper and the ringtone, and able to Install and uninstall applications. Not only that, users can boost the speed of the device and clean up the device memory with the help of iTools 9.3.5.

Backup manager of the iOS 9.3.5

The owners of iPhones, iPad or iPod who want to need full backup of their devices, then with iTools iOS 9.3.5 you can get more things. iTools iOS 9.3.5 is consists with  iOS 9.3.5 data Protector, This can connect WiFi no need of cable connection, Go with the flow your data from one to an additional device, Seldom application hunter to uninstall them and it know how to remove the cache and the useless trash which made your device slow.