It always has advanced features that will help you get a meaningful iOS management process. Today we have the best option for iTunes who are bored of using iTunes iOS management. ITools is a great invention that has been released to the public by the ThinkSky team. It has become a popular iOS management tool among iDevice users and many iDevice users also get the maximum management experience. ITools for Windows 10 is an application introduced through this article. If you want to know more about iTools for Windows 10 then follow this awesome guide with a smooth process.

What is iTools?

ITools can transfer music, videos, photos, documents, contacts, messages, and any other data in addition to managing your iDevice. You can now use iTools for Mac, Apple Watches, and Windows computers. Looking forward to working with iTools would be a huge advantage. Many iDevice users use the latest version of iTool to manage this Windows 10 operating system and iTool 4 is the latest version designed for the iOS 11 episode. iTools has a number of attractive features, including key features. 

How to download iTools for Windows 10?

Downloading iTools for Windows 10 is not complicated enough to start your process without any problems. Following the guide will make it effective, efficient, and effective to download iTools to your Windows PC.

  1. Find the latest version of iTools iTools and install the instructions. (Mac or Windows)
  2. Open the downloaded tool in a new window.
  3. Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch until your device detects it using the proper USB.
  4. Click on the apps that appear in the menu.
  5. Then click the Install button at the bottom of the app.
  6. Obtain the IPA file using an application to complete the iTools installation.
  7. We hope you will manage your device better by downloading this app and introducing features using an official website.

Features of iTools for Windows 10?

If you want to manage your device through iTools using Windows 10 iTools is the most compatible application software for your device. The latest versions of iTools include AirPlayer, Battery Master, Image Tool, Data Transfer, and File Manager. You have the ability to use the AirPlayer feature as a separate app for your device. So once you use these tools you will truly fall in love with iTools. Let’s take a look at the best features of iTools using the following tips.

  1. You can create your own ringtone using the ringtone maker
  2. You can convert all types of file formats using data migration
  3. Save your battery life with the help of the Battery Master feature
  4. The Image Tool helps you to do more using albums
  5. With iTools Airplayer you have the ability to experience the giant screen
  6. The Super Backup and Restore feature can save your data.
  7. Icon Editor helps you to change your home screen

What is ITools 3?

The iTools iPhone 2021 is the latest release from iTools for the year 2021. With this iTools version, you can manage the latest iPhone models iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and the latest version of iOS 14.3.