ITools is, as the name implies, something you can use instead of iTunes. As you know, iTunes is a repository full of media-related content. With iTunes, you can play and download songs and videos. This store is owned by Apple Inc. iTunes acts as a library for downloading music, ringtones, and movies. This store is available for iPhones and Windows. iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. 

iTools Brief GuideiTools Brief Guide

New store features will be brought to you later. Here are some of the elements provided in it to get an idea of ​​the outline. This repository has access to the entire file system of your iDevice. It accesses your computer. This modern software also allows you to organize your media library. You can sync music, photos, or even videos. You can even manage your apps. If you want, you can delete them or make backups. Apart from these features, there are a few other interesting things that users can see. This software is built to edit and manage content. You can make notes and have a calendar for you. The other feature is syncing iTool phone data. Battery Master will provide a report on your battery information. It will show the battery capacity along with its starting voltage and serial number. Exploring the latest features of this popular replacement is amazing.

Features of iTools 

  • Ringtone Creator: iTools allows you to create ringtones from the music stored on your computer.
  • iTunes Access: From iTools, you can access all your iTunes backup files, then you can access old data and media.
  • Application Management: The application management feature allows you to view and edit your applications.
  • Data Migration: iTools supports data migration between iOS devices.
  • Super Backup: Backup, restore and clone any IOS device completely or selectively to a database
  • File Explorer: See the device directory and file system to learn more about your device.
  • Desktop Management: Desktop Management lets you drag and drop bulk applications simultaneously with the mouse
  • Faster optimization: Clean up most junk files. Enjoy a cleaner, faster and better device in every way.
  • Battery Master: Your battery dashboard, your device, and all the information you need to keep your battery healthy

How does iTools manage other files?

Depending on the version of iTools, there will be separate menus for iTunes photos, movies, music, and other media for Windows. iTools also has a standard file management menu for other files. Wherever possible, it is recommended to use tabs specific to the file type: for example, use the photo menu to move pictures to and from your Windows desktop instead of the file management menu.

What is iTools pro?

Here iTools is a simple and complete solution to manage your iPad, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch without Jailbreak and iTunes  so ITools supports all iPods, iPads, and iPhone models। iTools Features: Ringtone Builder: iTools lets you create music from your computer

How do I update my firmware with iTool for windows?

Itools for Windows receive periodic updates, and many of these updates change how the app is organized. You should not change the firmware of your device unless Apple has instructed you to do so. The itools firmware modification utility is provided with the on-screen instructions under the toolbox menu and its components were previously found under a menu called Advanced features.